Mount Rushmore: The Molten Arrow
of the Quaternary Mind

Mount Rushmore: The Molten Arrow of the Quaternary Mind is the story of an artist’s journey – a journey of exploration and creation of William Bishop’s series of monumental drawings which explore concepts of presidential power, eternal time, and duality. 


Throughout history, the process of creating art in any medium has often remained a mystery to the viewer. Because art emerges from the unconscious levels of an artist’s psyche, it is often viewed with amazement of bewilderment, and therefore becomes the stuff of myth and anecdote – and is usually misunderstood.

This project is the story of how one artist created an important series of drawings – The Molten Arrow Series of the Quaternary Mind. Follow William Bishop through this website as he takes an intriguing journey of how this series of drawings emerged, evolved, and culminated into the group of five fascinating drawings of the Molten Arrow Series, and five smaller drawings of the Quaternary Mind, that were inspired by them and are reflections of the larger artworks.