Living in Dreamtime

“What I am saying in my Dreamtime works is that the seeming boring and arbitrary ways that reality is portrayed, happens in a vast impersonal context mixed with what we refer to as “time” so that each small detail is both infinitely precious and crassly ordinary at exactly the same time.”
– William Bishop

In Australian Aboriginal beliefs, Dreamtime represents the concepts of “time out of time.”


William Bishop’s series of oil paintings, known as Living in Dreamtime, are specific moments, or snapshots in time whereas in his drawings and abstract artworks, he is portraying a more universal nature of time.


In the same manner as more traditional paintings, his Dreamtime paintings represent a specific place in space and time that we call the “now.”

Break on I-70

Kari’s Calculations

Hovhaness on Her Mind

Sajit in Charge

Lamin in the Gambia