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William Bishop

About the Artist

Considering myself an abstract surrealist artist, I love vast imaginary spaces as subject matter. The expressiveness and precision of line inspires me and much of my work is linear. I populate my spaces with figures and objects that are childlike, comical, and tragic. The abstract landscapes they inhabit are fantastic with some literal elements. I play with density and concretion…

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Special Projects

Special Projects Coming Soon

Mount Rushmore: The Molten Arrow of the Quaternary Mind is the story of an artist’s journey – a journey of exploration and creation of William Bishop’s series of monumental drawings which explore concepts of presidential power, eternal time, and duality.

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Upcoming Exhibits

GeotechART Gallery Opening Soon

The Gallery will feature selections from the following GeotechART collections… 

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Featured Collections

Music of the Spheres

In the Music of the Spheres series of drawings, Bishop merges the specific nature of his Dreamtime realist paintings, with the Universal Energy he portrays in the abstract Micro Color Expressions. According to Bishop.

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Living in Dreamtime

William Bishop’s series of oil paintings, known as Living in Dreamtime, are specific moments, or snapshots in time whereas in his drawings and abstract artworks, he is portraying a more universal nature of time.

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Micro Color Expressions

In the primordial vastness of the cosmos, I enjoy exploring the realms where particles and galaxies live. By letting fluid materials be themselves I let nature paint herself in the same way.

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